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Child Genius 2
Documentary / Factual 4x60'

Child Genius returns for series 2.

Wanted: A Family Of My Own
Docu-Drama / Reality 4x60'

Nicky Campbell explores the emotional details of adoption in Britain.

Births, Deaths and Marriages
Documentary / Factual 2x60'

Marylebone Town Hall is Britain’s most famous register office.

The Art of Australia
Arts 3 x 60'

New series to BBC Four

That Music Show
Entertainment 1 x 60'

Music on Channel 4

The People's Medal
Documentary / Factual 1 x 60'

For the first time ever, cameras have been allowed behind the closed doors of the Honours selection process

Long Lost Family
Factual-Entertainment / Factual 6 x 60"

Long Lost Family traces and reunites family members, delivering some of the most emotionally powerful scenes ever seen on television ...

New Tricks
Drama / Factual

"You can't teach an Old Dog, New Tricks" ... or can you? Three ex-coppers with over 80 years distinguished service between them. They're back ... and there’s a woman in charge

Who Do You Think You Are thumbnail
Who Do You Think You Are?
Documentary / History / Factual

In each episode one of Britain’s best-loved celebrities traces their family tree to reveal the surprising, extraordinary and often moving stories of their ancestors

Child Genius
Documentary / Factual 4 x 60'

This 4-part documentary series follows the lives of some of the country’s cleverest children and their families.

Nature's Newborns
Documentary 8 x 30'

Across the UK millions of creatures, great and small, are born each year.

Secrets from the Workhouse
Documentary / Factual 2 x 60'

Celebrities go on an emotionally charged personal journey to investigate their family's experience of life in the workhouse.

The Voice UK
Entertainment TBC

BBC One’s new entertainment phenomenon of 2012

The Girl
Drama 1 x 90'

Three times Golden Globe nominated The Girl charts Hitchcock's obsessive relationship with Tippi Hedren

The Trouble With Aid
Documentary 1 x 120'

Can aid sometimes do more harm than good?

Goodnight Britain
Documentary / Factual 2 x 60'

Goodnight Britain tackles the nation’s biggest sleep problems

The House The 50s Built
Documentary / Factual 4 x 60'

Celebrating the science behind the inventions and innovations that changed the way we lived

Turn Back Time: The Family
History / Factual 5 x 60'

One street and three families are fast-forwarded through one hundred years of change.

Arts Troubleshooter
Arts / Documentary 2 x 60'

Arts Troubleshooter follows arts expert Michael Lynch at two unique arts organisations

Sicily Unpacked
Arts / Documentary / History / Factual 3 x 60'

Sicily Unpacked is a new kind of travel series with an appetite for the artistic and culinary delights of this unique island

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The Voice UK Series 3

Saturdays, 7pm on BBC One

Wanted: A Family Of My Own

Thursdays, 9pm on ITV1

Child Genius 2

Sundays, 9pm on Channel 4

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The People's Medal

For the first time ever, cameras have been allowed behind the closed doors of the Honours selection process

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