The Daily Telegraph 28.03.03

‘The pilot programme made out a very strong case for becoming a series … what bodes so well for New Tricks was the relationship between the characters, and the sight of four of the best TV actors around having such an infectiously enjoyable time.’

Guardian 27.03.03

‘the enthusiasm these excellent actors bring to the formula is infectious.’

The Mail on Sunday 30.03.03

‘Perfect casting.  Armstrong, in particular, manages to be tortured and very funny at the same time.’

The Independent Review 28.03.03

‘It also found time to allow that impressive male threesome to have some fun with their performances.  I’ve never seen character conveyed by means of prescribed pharmaceuticals before, but the writer, Roy Mitchell, achieved it here and made it funny, too.’

Evening Standard 27.03.03

‘An impressive cast of oldies … It’s a drama which is surprisingly stylish has more than its fair share of invention and wit. A series could be beckoning.’

The Times 28.03.03

‘the humour was neat, witty and understated.  The programme’s IQ was a good hundred points above a snazzy modern shocker such as ITV1’s Serious and Organised.  I hope they get a series.’

The Independent Review 27.03.03

‘I really liked this… a deftly humorous script makes this a treat.’

Daily Mail Night and Day 22.03.03

‘the cast are exemplary and the script plays wittily with the conflict between policing methods old and new.’