The hugely popular BBC One genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are? returns, featuring ten diverse celebrities delving in to their ancestors’ pasts, to discover hidden family histories and reflect what it means to be British today. It kicks off with an entertaining episode featuring Danny Dyer. Danny hopes to “freak a few people out” with his family history and he certainly does that as he uncovers an extraordinary lineage back to his 22 x great grandfather King Edward III and his 30 x great grandfather, William the Conqueror. As Danny embarks on his quest to discover strong male figures the drama of his ancestry unfolds, revealing an intimate insight into Danny’s character and his reaction as ‘a kid from Canning Town’ to this incredible bloodline. As with every episode in the series, bringing Danny’s ancestors to life opens up fresh and surprising history, making it illuminating as well as high adrenaline entertainment.