The 3 x 60’ series sees the well known personalities not only delving into the history of their great grandparents, great aunt or uncle but also rolling up their sleeves to do their ancestor's job.

Anne, who plays Coronation Street’s Deirdre Barlow, will research the life of two of her great grandparents and follow in their footsteps by turning her hand to photography and farming.  Ken, who has played lead roles in or Rebus, Messiah and The Vice, will travel to Scotland and Sicily to research his ancestry and explore his predecessors’ pasts by working as a tailor and a baker.  And Alan, who has starred in The Good Housekeeping Guide, Jonathan Creek and Bob and Rose, will be getting his hands dirty as he explores the working lives of a Victorian bricklayer and an Edwardian restaurateur.

The celebrities will uncover their family's heritage and also reveal the social history of the time as they explore the road they might have travelled themselves if their lives hadn't taken them into the world of show business.

Executive Producer: Alex Graham. Series Producer: Jamie Simpson.