Casting details

We are looking for nominations for the next series of CAR SOS!

If you are thinking of nominating someone for CAR SOS the following instructions will help your application greatly:

Do NOT nominate your own car, or get someone to nominate it for you (WE WILL FIND OUT!).

Tell us as much info about the car as possible. MAKE, MODEL, YEAR, current condition and history of the car if you know it.

Where possible, include a photo (or better still photos) of the car. 

Tell us why the owner really DESERVES the Car SOS treatment (not having the time or just generally being lovely are NOT sufficient reasons!).


Provide a contact telephone number.

If we have featured a particular model of car in a previous programme we are unlikely to feature it again (check the Car SOS wiki page).

The owner has to have been the registered owner for at least four years (we do check!)

The car has to be at least 20 years old.

Send your application to: CAR SOS application

Note: We do read every application but we get 1000’s and can't reply to them all! GOOD LUCK!