Casting details

Back in Time – New Series

Ever wondered what it might be like to go back in time?

The makers of the hit series Back in Time for Tea and Back in Time for School are looking for a family to take part in a new series for BBC 2. The chosen family will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to step back in time and experience what life was like running - and living above - a rural village shop.

Do you remember life in the countryside and the village shop, or have family connections to them?

Please email for more information and an application form.

Filming will take place in the school summer holidays 2019 and all family members will need to be available during filming. Please don’t apply if you have holidays of more than one week already booked during this period

Please note: This is not an acting role.


  • By completing and submitting an application to take part in the Programme (including any photograph(s) you may submit as part of your application), you grant to us (Wall to Wall Media Limited) all necessary rights and consents to permit us to make the fullest use of any information and photographic material submitted by you as part of your application for any purposes connected with the casting of the Programme. 
  • As part of the casting process you may disclose information that includes sensitive personal data.  By submitting the information set out in the Application Form for the Programme and any photographs, you consent to us storing and processing any sensitive personal data disclosed by you as part of the casting process.  This processing is necessary for us to consider your/your children’s suitability for the Programme. For more information on how we process personal data, please see our privacy notice here.  If you have any questions about how we process your personal data, or would like to withdraw this consent, please use the contact details in the privacy notice.
  • Lead applicants must be aged 18 years or older at the time of your application to take part in this programme. If you are applying as a family, children must be ideally aged 8 and over at the time of your application to take part in the programme.
  • If you have a visa to live and work in the UK your visa must allow you to work in excess of 20 hours per week. 
  • You understand that the completion and submission of this application form and/or any photos does not guarantee participation in the selection process and/or the programme. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will be able to respond to every application.
  • Applicants must be available for filming on location during the school summer holidays in 2019.
  • You will be expected to spend the whole filming period living on location. Details of the schedule and exact dates of filming will be delivered in advance.
  • This is an immersive living history experience and, as such, if accepted for filming you will live and work in the eras’ environments for the entire period and relinquish all modern technology; phones, laptops, tablets, and any other electric or communicative devices, in order to immerse yourself in the historical world.
  • You will be expected to wear period clothing for the duration of the filming, and to eat period-appropriate food as part of the experience.
  • The programme welcomes people of all ages and ranges of physical ability. Please make us aware of any medical or health concerns as soon as possible so that if your application is successful we can work with you to the make the filming as comfortable and safe as possible. 
  • As a company experienced in producing living history formats, we are aware that historical environments are not equivalent to modern expectations of living. Whilst it may be challenging, we will work with a Health and Safety expert in order to provide full risk assessments to ensure that no participant’s safety is compromised.
  • Please note that this series is an authentic look at the life of shopkeepers and their families across the decades. It will be challenging, but we are confident it will be a truly fascinating and unique experience for everyone involved.
  • Any booked or planned holidays will not preclude you from applying to take part in the Series. If you have booked or are planning to book any holidays throughout the school summer holidays 2019, this must be disclosed to us as soon as possible.
  • We reserve the right at all times in our absolute discretion to change, extend, cancel or curtail the application process, including without limitation, the structure, content and dates as we see fit.
  • If you are successful in being selected to take part in the Series, you will be required to sign a participant agreement which will set out in greater detail the terms and conditions of your participation in the Series.
  • There is no commitment to take part in the Series at this initial application stage.