Casting details

Applications are now closed.

The search is on for families/couples/siblings UK-wide to live, work and make ends meet exactly as the Victorian poor would have done.  You will be expected to find work, master old trades and sell their wares in order to put food on the table and to make the weekly rent.  PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS NOT AN ACTING JOB.

Do you have a traditional trade that could be put to good use?
Do you lead a comfortable lifestyle and would you like your family to experience the reality of life for millions of Victorian children?
Would you like to experience the struggle that your ancestors once lived? They may have been from industrial cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, York, Birmingham etc.

Wall to Wall Media is casting for a landmark living history experiment that tells the story of what life was really like for the Victorian poor and how their plight changed our nation for the better. 

We are looking for strong, determined contributors who think they could survive life on the Victorian bread line.   The series is due to be filmed over three weeks in Easter 2016 and the new Victorians will relocate for the duration of the filming to East London.

Did your ancestors migrate to the poorest areas of Victorian Britain? 
Does your trade have its roots in the Victorian era? 
Would you like your children to have the ultimate living history experience?
o you have an ancestral connection to the industrial cities in the Victorian period.


If you think you have what it takes to survive the Victorian slum, email and tell us:

1. Who you are, age, where you live, what you do, and whether you are applying as a family, couple or siblings?

2. What interests you about the idea of living in a Victorian Slum for three weeks?

3. Do you have ancestral connections to the industrial cities of Victorian Britain's cities (This is not essential)

4. The best contact number and time to call you back for a brief introduction by telephone. PLEASE CAN YOU ATTACH A RECENT PHOTO FOR OUR INTERNAL REFERENCE ONLY. 

We look forward to hearing from you. (Any enquiries, please call 020 7241 9228)

Your application is confidential.  By submitting an application you grant to Wall to Wall Media and the BBC (and confirm that you have the right to grant) any and all consents necessary pursuant to the Data Protection Act 1998 to store, handle and/or process your personal data and the personal data of all band members (including sensitive personal data) for the purposes of: (i) the Programme; (ii) all exploitation of the Programme (including, without limitation, any and all marketing and publicity of the Programme); (iii) as may reasonably be necessary for the effective running of Wall to Wall Media’s business (i.e. including the transfer of such personal data outside of the EEA and/or to the broadcaster, distributor and/or such other party necessary for the production and/or exploitation of the Programme); and (iv) in order for Wall to Wall Media to comply with any and all of its obligations under applicable laws (including, without limitation, for the purpose of complying with data subject access requests).


Terms & Conditions

Couples and individuals must be aged 18 and over by 1st November 2015.

Families applying with children - the children must be aged 10 and over by 1st November 2015.

Applicants must be available for filming on location over three weeks during the Easter period March 2016.

You will be expected to spend the whole period living on location in London. Details of the schedule and exact dates of filming will be delivered in advance.

This is an immersive living history experience and, as such, you will be expected to live and work in a Victorian environment for the entire period.

You will be asked to relinquish all modern technology; phones, laptops, tablets, and any other electric or communicative devices, in order to immerse yourself in the historical world.

You will be expected to wear period clothing for the duration of the filming, and to eat period-appropriate food as part of the experience.

The programme welcomes people of all ages and ranges of physical ability. Please make us aware of any medical or health concerns as soon as possible so that we can work with you to the make the filming as comfortable and safe as can be expected.

As a company experienced in producing living history formats, we are aware that these historical environments are not equivalent to modern expectations of living. Whilst it may be challenging, we will work with a Health and Safety expert in order to provide full risk assessments to ensure that no participant’s safety is compromised.

Please note that this series is an ambitious, authentic look at the life of the Victorian poor. It will be very challenging, but we are confident it will be a truly fascinating and unique experience for everyone involved.


Closing date: midnight 18th March 2016