Reviews for The Man Who Broke Britain

Radio Times
“scarily realistic…chilling….a remarkable piece of reality based drama….a credible scenario....every bit as horribly believable as the Day Britain Stopped....a wonderful piece of plausibly done that it should really have a warning flash in the corner of the screen saying 'fiction' in big red letters.....loving pastiches of news reports, corporate videos, magazine covers, press conferences - the fakery is fascinating, like looking at a forged bank note. It works as a smart riveting drama and also as a warning of the power of the financial markets. Above all, watch to the end: there's a neat twist that changes the whole story...a thought-provoking tale…a compelling dramatised documentary..”

The Times
“This superb drama…Don’t miss.”

The Times
“The line between fact and fiction is deliberately blurred…a cast of real broadcasters add to the realism… The squabble between the Bank of England and its counterpart in Germany as to who should handle this hot potato rings absolutely true. The crucial part played by a senior manager's bonus in dictating events is spot-on: it is individual greed, not al-Qaeda, that is the threat….As investment banks push more boldly into betting their balance sheets, this is a timely programme”. (Patrick Hoskins, Investment Editor)

Daily Telegraph
“Finch and Range have an acute ear for documentary conventions and exploit them ruthlessly…beautifully constructed interviews with the principal characters…cleverly harvested contributions from Blair and Brown…the filmmakers have much of interest to say about how the City operates, the impotence of government in the face of a global share dive, the spectre of attacks on our financial institutions (rather than their symbols), and the potential dangers of the derivatives market…effective…a bold and illuminating cautionary tale.”

Sunday Telegraph
“A gripping tale….even more authenticity to the faked reports from respectable journalists….the actors are convincing…the central premises ring true.”

Sunday Times
“scarily impressive feature-length fiction….boasting higher production values than the same channel’s similarly speculative “If” dramas…a clever, twisty denouement.”

“Far fetched? I don’t think so” (Nick Leeson)

Belfast Telegraph
“very convincing… joined-up television for grown-ups….very alarming indeed…fascinating and frightening.”

Radio 4’s “Front Row”
“…the presentation is terrific, details are great…it’s very, very well done….I [was] gripped and moved by the storyline…very well acted and very well produced”. (Ed Crooks, FT Economics Editor)

Time Out
“right on the money…utterly compelling…Finch and Range have achieved that rare thing: television that is harrowing, entertaining and educational.”Daily Telegraph “beautifully made… always remained convinced… [the] narration was much better written than in most real documentaries.”

Daily Mail
“so convincing that any unwary viewer switching on in the middle might have been forgiven for thinking that the entire financial system had gone up the spout… Had it been broadcast before director general Mark Thompson revealed his plans for a new-look BBC earlier this week, he could have cited The Man Who Broke Britain as an example of what the corporation should be giving us.”

The Times
”gripping drama… It was superbly done… It all felt horribly convincing.”