What the Papers Said

‘beautifully crafted …beautifully made’ The Independent

‘handsome, faithful, spooky … cleverly constructed and rewarding’ The Guardian

‘Olivia Williams is regal as the queen of crime’ Mail on Sunday

‘This clever telling of the story is enlivened with imaginative flourishes … far livelier than any of her books.’ Independent

‘For sheer flamboyance and dramatic verve it was all but impossible to fault BBC2’s mesmerising Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures … this was a beautifully crafted, engaging and emotionally penetrating film’ Telegraph

‘Last year, BBC celebrated the centenary of George Orwell’s birth with George Orwell: A Life in Pictures, a film that took a fresh and imaginative approach to TV biography and made something genuinely illuminating out of that usually unsatisfactory hybrid form, the docu-drama. Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures (BBC2) is a worthy successor to that remarkable film, cleverly and convincingly using the writer’s mysterious disappearance in 1926 as a key to open up her inner, as well as her public, life.’ Daily Mail

‘Following on from a similarly excellent film about the life of George Orwell, this dramatised version of the queen of crime’s life is based on her own words and eyewitness accounts. This film is way ahead of most arts documentaries in terms of ambition and style and despite offering astute insights into the world of a two-billion selling author, it also retains a sense of mystery’ The Times

‘clever and hypnotic’ The Telegraph