'Scribbling was an extraordinary piece of TV' 'Writing is a boring occupation, but Leanne Klein's film managed to be thoroughly absorbing, and for all the right reasons. The Guardian TV Review 11.03.03

‘At times deeply personal, and full of insights into the creative process, it makes for an absorbing 50 minutes’ The Daily Telegraph 11.03.03

‘Illuminating and fun’ Time Out March 5-12 2003

‘This series will fascinate writers, artists and everyone in between’ Time Out March 5-12 2003

‘Compulsory viewing for anyone contemplating a chick-lit quickie’ Evening Standard 08.03.03 v ‘Any programme about the writing of a novel faces a unique problem: how to convey the excitement of someone sitting for hours in front of a computer screen. But Robert Newman does a good job’ Play Sunday Times 08.03.03

‘All the self-regarding and fascinating minutiae of the creative process are here’ Daily Mail 08.03.03

‘A great idea for a documentary: following authors from the early stages of novel-writing through to the day of publication. Last year’s films about Minette Walters and Geoff Ryman were gems’’ The Daily Telegraph Television and Radio

‘Newman’s wry, self deprecating commentary is winning. Any who’s ever tried to write will groan with uncomfortable recognition’ The Guide, Guardian 08.03.03