Reviews of Ancient Egyptians

"An exciting tale ... a superb thriller…a remarkable series."
The Guardian

"Sumptuous historical epic."
The Independent

“One of the few historical documentaries that truly engages - Ancient Egyptians combines mature reconstruction with strong performances to tell its stories simply and effectively. In short, the visuals add to the experience rather than detract from it.”
Time Out

"Thrilling…you are in for a whale of a time"
The Sunday Telegraph

"The fascinating lives of ancient Egyptians brought to life. Dramatic, true stories of tomb raiders, pharaohs and bloody battles documented in papyrus are re-created in a lavish four-part special."
Independent on Sunday

The Mail on Sunday

“A superlative series.”
The Observer

"A cinematic epic, replete with lavish locations, a cast of thousands and some fantastically extravagant beards."
The Sunday Telegraph