In a new three-part series BBC Two will explore three historic criminal investigations, revealing their surprising and significant impact on the evolution of British justice in the 20th Century. Following on from the Bafta-nominated series Blitz: The Bombs That Changed Britain that examined the impact of individual bombs that fell during the blitz, Convicted: The Crimes That Changed Britain (w/t) will examine the investigation of individual cases in detail, uncovering their wider historical impact in transforming laws, society and even Britain itself. 

Featuring experts, investigators, victims and people closely affected by each case, the series will explore miscarriages of justice and radical reforms, forensic breakthroughs and major shifts in laws and public attitudes, all of which link back to the original crime.

The cases followed are one mother’s fight to change an 800-year-old law in order to ensure her daughter's killer is convicted; the world’s first use of DNA forensic fingerprinting in the 1980s - with its surprising and far-reaching consequences, and a miscarriage of justice which would lead to radical reform of policing powers and protection of citizens’ rights.

Convicted: The Crimes That Changed Britain (w/t), 3x60', is a Wall To Wall Production for BBC Two. The Executive Producer for Wall to Wall Media is Colette Flight.  The Series Producer is Nancy Bornat.  The series will be directed by Emma Frank, Karen McGann and Russell England. The BBC Commissioning Editor is Simon Young.