Our latest House series premiered 17th May on PBS. The reviewers hailed it as PBS's best reality series yet...

"The Colonial House has been assembled as something of an epic but it's never dull and it is beautiful to look at, photographed with an eye for detail and composition and colour that rivals feature film, and imbues the series with a double air of reality and of mystery appropriate to the subject and the setting". The Times Mirror, Los Angeles.

"May be the most thoughtful, thought provoking docudramatic series PBS has brought us since the Loud family's sunny California Shakespearian saga An American Family aired three decades ago". The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"In many ways, Colonial House is the best reality series yet in the PBS line. The program, filmed last year on the Maine coast, looks gorgeous and should boost tourism. The narration supplies fascinating nuggets about the past as a counterpoint to what's unfolding on the screen". Sentinel Communications.

"Colonial House is one of those true stories that couldn't be scripted, because it's too crowded with strange conflicts, strong characters, plot twists and surprises. The Sunday Oregonian.

"Every reality TV producer in Hollywood is looking for a hot concept that can be spun off into endless variations, a la the Survivor franchise. PBS has one better, showcasing a whole genre of reality television based on a boundless source of drama and history". VV Publishing.

"The series, a co-production of Thirteen/WNET New York and Wall to Wall Television of London, ends up a mesmerizing, fish out of water drama". Bangor Daily News.

"Beautifully filmed and expertly assembled". The Kansas City Star.