This deservedly popular detective series goes from strength to strength. Why? Because it’s well written, the director understands suspense and the cast can all act. The net result is a believable show of substance which entertains and intrigues – The Observer

This is warm, well-constructed tv, with solid performances - Time Out

The ensemble acting from a brilliant, mature cast wins you over every time - Mail on Sunday

AMANDA REDMAN, DENNIS WATERMAN, ALUN ARMSTRONG and JAMES BOLAM are back for a fourth series of the hit drama New Tricks, due to start transmitting from Easter Monday, 9th April, 2007, on BBC ONE.

Jack Halford (Bolam), Gerry Standing (Waterman) and Brian Lane (Armstrong) are the rule-breaking ex-coppers brought out of retirement to investigate unsolved crimes and open cases under the watchful eye of Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman (Redman).

Despite her frequent despair at the boys’ policing methods, Pullman has learned that sometimes the rules are there to be broken – and never more so than in the opening episode of the new series. Following the cliffhanger ending of the last series when Jack Halford finally discovered the identity of the hit and run driver who murdered his wife, he is now prepared to risk everything to kill the man responsible, crook Ricky Hanson (David Troughton).

Determined that Hanson should meet the same fate as his wife, Halford lays in wait in a pub car park, engine running, just waiting.  As Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman becomes aware of the dangerous situation Halford has put himself in, she has to act fast to prevent him confronting his nemesis, resulting in a crash that jeopardises the future of the entire team.

LYNDA BELLINGHAM makes a guest appearance in episode one as DCI Karen Hardwick.  Super efficient and with the perfect work/life balance, Karen Hardwick irritates Pullman on every level. But with her entire team hospitalised, Pullman is forced to accept her help.

Threatened by a new face in the office and desperate to justify their positions, the boys need a case and it isn’t long before they are investigating the ten year old unsolved crime of a patient murdered on their own ward.

New Tricks returns with eight new hour long episodes and also features Susan Jameson, Anthony Calf and Natalie Forbes with guest appearances from George Cole, Sheila Hancock, Hannah Waterman, Jan Francis, Jeremy Sheffield, Eric Sykes, Lindsey Coulson, June Whitfield, John Sessions, Mark Womak, George Baker, David Harewood and Ian Mercer among others.

During the series, the team re-investigate cases involving bungled robberies, paedophilia, an undercover operation in a nursing home, the world of modelling, a 600-year-old murder and a British hanging.

Tom Sherry, Executive Producer and Head of Drama at Wall to Wall says: “The fantastic support for New Tricks from the audience and critics alike has been overwhelming.  The combination of outstanding writing and a hugely talented cast have made this series a real hit.”

Created by Roy Mitchell and Nigel McCrery, the fourth series of New Tricks is written by Roy Mitchell, John Wilsher, Lisa Holdsworth, Richard Zajdlic and Joe Ainsworth.

New Tricks is a Wall to Wall production (Who Do You Think You Are?, A Rather English Marriage, Our Boy, Plotlands) for BBC ONE, produced by Emma Turner (EastEnders, Holby City). Executive Producer is Tom Sherry (Murphy’s Law, and the BBC One comedy dramas Magnolia and The Good Housekeeping Guide). Executive producer for the BBC is Eleanor Moran.

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