“A series so evocative and illuminating as to make you really appreciate the brilliance of photography.  Elegantly framed … the images are lovingly selected.” – The Times

To coincide with the launch of Wall to Wall’s television series for BBC4, and the launch of the accompanying book by Gerry Badger for Quadrille, the Atlas Gallery in London will be hosting an exhibition featuring some of the most prominent photographs from the show.

The television series, book and exhibition will explore the development of the medium in all its various guises, through the key events, personalities and images; from its conception to its place as one of the foremost art-forms of the twenty-first century.  The exhibition offers a critical and aesthetic perspective of the story and will comprise twenty or so iconic images by the key protagonists.  Included will be seminal images by, among others: Cartier-Bresson, Eggleston, Gursky, Horst, Kertesz, Lange, Newton, Jem Southam, Rodchenko, Thomas Ruff, Stephen Shore, Strand, and Weston.

Find out more about the Genius of Photography series here.

Exhibition now showing at the Atlas Gallery 49 Dorset Street London W1U 7NF from 19th October – 3rd November.

The Genius of Photography by Gerry Badger available here

Visit the BBC Genius of Photography Website here for more information on the show.