Davina McCall makes some shocking discoveries as she delves into her family’s past.  As a child of divorced parents, Davina, who is half-French, was brought up by her paternal grandmother in England and knows very little about her French heritage.  Starting with a medal left to her by her great-grandfather, Davina discovers an astonishingly prestigious and renowned ancestor. On her English side, she sets out to discover the truth behind the family story that they are descended illegitimately from royal blood.  The trail does lead to Windsor but it’s not quite what Davina expected.

Known for his outspoken views Radio 1 DJ, Chris Moyles, finds himself unexpectedly emotional as he goes back to his Irish roots.  Chris’s journey through his family history takes him from the slums of Dublin to the First World War battlefield of Ypres.

Despite her naturally inquisitive personality, Kate Humble has never delved into her family legacy. Kate’s story takes her from drama in the skies to the coalfields of Northumberland and ends in a former Second World War Prisoner of War camp.  Often regarded as the quintessential Englishman, David Mitchell sets out to discover more about his Scottish roots.  The trail takes David to the heart of Scottish history as he investigates how his family was involved in the Highland Clearances and discovers an ancestor who was a zealous Church of Scotland minister.

Liverpool born Kim Cattrall is determined to solve a family mystery that has endured for more than 70 years.  Kim’s grandfather disappeared when Kim’s mother was just eight years old and he was never heard from again.  Kim has always wondered what became of the grandfather she never knew, but turning detective leads to some shocking discoveries.

Ex-Office star Martin Freeman is on a quest to fill in the blanks in his family’s history.  Martin’s journey into his family’s past leads to a series of startling revelations.  As the story takes turns Martin could never have imagined, he discovers a dark and hidden chapter of social history.