Produced by one of the major production companies in the UK, Wall to Wall, for BBC Two, Italy Unpacked – West Coast is a major returning series about the history, culture and cuisine of Italy. Acclaimed art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon and renowned chef Giorgio Locatelli team up for a cultural adventure where they take a road trip through one of the World’s greatest holiday destinations.

 Following the huge success of its first two series, in which Andrew and Giorgio visited Sicily and Northern Italy, their journey now takes them from Italy’s top to toe, as they uncover the unique, and often hidden, treasures of the West Coast of the Country. The three episodes visit the different regions along the West Coast – from Liguria in the North, Tuscany and Lazio in the Centre, to Campania, and Calabria in the South. Each has its own splendid tradition of food and wine, art and history; yet much of the west coast is often overlooked by tourists as they head to Rome or Florence. Giorgio and Andrew want to put that right and have teamed up again to unpack the art and culture, food and landscape of an area of Italy that they are passionate about. Their aim is to put these areas of Italy back on the map, places that are far too beautiful and important to simply be passed through.