Body Story harnesses the power of drama to the brilliance of the very latest computer graphics technology to transform our understanding of the human body.  Each film takes viewers on an amazing journey as we tell the story of critical events in the life of a human body.  Drawing on the very latest thinking in the fields of biology, anatomy and physiology we explore: birth, sexual arousal, accident, infection, heart attack and death.  The effects of a car crash, puberty, allergy, food poisoning, hunger and the first days of a newborn are explored in the second series.

Body Story I won a silver medal for Television Film in the 1999 BMA Awards.

The Body Story, Series 1
Under Pressure
The Cold War
Crash Repairs
Basic Instinct
The Takeovers
Shut Down

The Body Story, Series 2
Teen Dreams
Brave New World
Fat Attack
Bad Taste