Each celebrity travels to discover their relatives past and is taken back in time and around the world as they learn how their ancestor's lives have shaped the world they live in today.

This series....

Barbara Windsor – (Actress) Barbara's journey takes her from her poor East End roots, to her unknown Irish ancestry and the horror of the potato famine but she also discovers a famous distant relative in the form of the artist - John Constable.

Robert Lindsay - (Actor) A story of survial, one grandfather survived the trenches of WW1 after becoming a casualty in France and another ancestor survived after his ship was blown up in the storming of Gallipoli.

Colin Jackson – (Athlete) Colin was born and brought up in Wales, but knows that his parents came from Jamaica in the 1960s. His story involves slavery, immigration and the Panama canal.

David Dickinson – (Presenter) David explores the circumstances of his adoption, and the extraordinary story of his Armenian ancestors. In order to find out more, David travels to Istanbul and begins a long search for surviving relatives.

Nigella Lawson – (Broadcaster and Writer) Nigella's Jewish immigrant family have come a long way from poverty in Europe and the East End to the wealth and splendour of Belgravia. Her politician father Nigel was Margaret Thatcher's golden boy in the 80s. Her glamorous mother Vanessa was heiress to the Lyons food and catering dynasty. It's the ultimate rags to riches story.

Julia Sawalha – (Actress) Julia comes from a multi-cultural family. She begins her quest to find her Huguenot heritage and unearths many clues that seem to prove she's descended from French refugees. She then explores the traditional role women in Bedouin culture and how this role changed during her grandmother's lifetime.

David Tennant – (Actor) David, best known for playing the time-travelling hero Dr. Who, embarks on a journey into his Celtic heritage, which he is very proud of. Exploring both his Scottish roots and the life of his Irish grandmother, a story which is played out against a backdrop of sectarianism.

Jeremy Irons – (Actor) Jeremy wants to find out why he feels such an affinity with Ireland and investigates a family myth that one of his ancestors rode into Westminster on a donkey to deliver a petition on behalf of the Chartists.