Like the other films (George Orwell, Agatha Christie, Ian Fleming, Elizabeth David) in this critically acclaimed and award-winning biography strand, HG Wells takes a bold and innovative approach to dramatising the story of the author’s life, by using HG Wells’ own words.

HG Wells wrote his four best-known works, The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man and the Island of Dr Moreau in the space of just four years from the age of 29.  His fame only increased with the eerily prophetic non-fiction writing which followed.  Wells predicted the invention of tanks, nuclear war, biological warfare, television and the internet.  Wells’ celebrity status enabled his pursuit of free love, winning him lovers like novelist Rebecca West and the enigmatic Russian, Moura Budberg. It also gave him unprecedented access to world leaders like Roosevelt and Stalin.

A Life in Pictures tells the story of Wells’ transformation from self-confident womaniser, socialist radical and young literary prophet to burdened missionary, dedicated to creating a World State that will avert man’s headlong course towards imminent annihilation.

Award-winning actor Michael Sheen (Dirty Filthy Love, The Deal, Kingdom Of Heaven) stars as HG Wells.  Sally Hawkins (Fingersmith, Vera Drake, Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky) plays his lover, Rebecca West.