Britain’s most gifted kids get their turn in the spotlight in a brand new Channel 4 series Child Genius, which follows some extraordinary children and their families as they take part in the ultimate competition to find the UK’s brainiest child.

In many countries, including the US, competitions such as spelling bees are highly prized, but in the UK being clever isn’t seen as cool.

Now the UK’s most gifted 7-11 year olds have entered a prestigious competition to find the nation’s Child Genius of the Year. The competition, organised in association with high IQ society British Mensa, follows the progress of some of the twenty-one remarkable competitors as they showcase their amazing mental abilities.

The series has exclusive access to the children and their parents through every phase of the build-up and the contest, and with individual and parental pride at stake, sees them battle it out over four gruelling competition stages to see who will be crowned Child Genius of the year

Filled with laughs, warmth, and jaw-dropping moments, the series explores every aspect of their lives: what does it takes to raise a genius? And are the kids born with their abilities or are they are result of their upbringing?  

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