Bravo's Deadly Mission covers the entire operation in February 2010, hour by hour, under extremely dangerous circumstances, living with the Marines as the battle raged - an exceptional and unflinching portrait, filmed in some of the toughest conditions imaginable.

It’s an extraordinary human story.  It’s visceral and cinematic.

The result is unlike any other war documentary - personal, incredibly close up and dangerous.  It reveals the experience of war itself for the young men of Bravo Company - as the operation to reclaim Marjah unfolded.

Journalist Ben Anderson was with Bravo Company, 1/6 Marines, who landed in the centre of Marjah before anybody else.  They were dropped into a maze of IEDs, bunkers, trenches and ambushes, set by very well trained fighters.

Bravo's Deadly Mission contains some of the most intense fighting footage ever caught on camera, and because Ben spent two months with the Marines, eating, sleeping, running and sweating alongside them every step of the way, the access is intimate and unprecedented...