Each hosted, thirty-minute program features one couple, who are given the chance to prove - once and for all - just who is the more irritating person to live with.

They start by identifying the THINGS about their partner that annoy them the most … from ‘he’s always slapping my butt’ and ‘she never wants to leave a party’ to ‘he’s always telling the same joke’ and ‘she’s got a charity shop fixation’ …  these are just some of the things that drive them crazy. 

Then, with their home turned into a full-scale surveillance operation, the couple have two weeks to capture the incriminating evidence.  They can be as sneaky as they want, The more proof they can gather of their partner’s annoying habits, the greater their chances of winning.

The final judgement is up to a three-person jury made up of a friend or family member from each side and a relationship expert.  At the end of the show, the jury watches the evidence before declaring a winner. 

Funny and surprising, thoughtful and revealing … Things I Hate About You gets to the heart of what makes real relationships tick.