Cerys Matthews
Welsh singer-songwriter Cerys Matthews travels back to her roots to explore the extraordinary legacy of Celtic poetry and to discover why poets can make us feel so connected to the places we call home.

Malorie Blackman
This film is Malorie’s account of how poems sustained her at the best and worst of times.  There wasn’t much poetry in her family home as her father wanted her to keep her feet on the ground and her head out of the clouds.  But she was always drawn to poetry and sought it out – in all its diverse forms.

Robert Webb
Robert Webb was 16 when he first heard ‘The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock’ by TS Eliot.  In the programme, Robert goes on a journey to find out more about the poem and the poet that captured his imagination at such a young age.

Sheila Hancock
Much loved actress and memoirist Sheila Hancock sets out to explore how her love for poetry has become a lifeline since the death of her husband, John Thaw, in 2002.  Her 29 year marriage to the celebrated actor was the most profound element in Sheila’s life and when John unexpectedly died of cancer she was left with profound questions.