Marcel thinks there’s more to this than meets the “trained eye”.  He wants to know why all these powerful Oligarchs and billionaires have developed such a taste for art.  Do the Oligarchs have an ulterior motive or are they simply looking for something to hang on the huge bare walls of their vast homes?  Oligart is a truly investigative film following Marcel on every step of his journey.  We’ll see him using all of his charm to work his way into the “Chelski Set”.  We’ll join him when he visits their lavish multimillion-pound London homes and as they go “shopping” at London’s smart auction houses and galleries.  And in Russia he’ll see the auction houses hosting shows and parties to lure buyers to their sales.  Marcel’s journey has many twists and turns as he learns that in Russia art and politics are inseparable.  So do these new art collectors have a political motive?  Are they buying for themselves to launder their wealth?  Or are they buying it for Putin to ensure they are “safe” to do business in Russia?  The Art World and new Russian money are colliding with explosive results ... and Marcel Theroux is diving straight in, head first.