Sea Patrol’s characters live exciting and often dangerous lives – their everyday job means adrenaline and incident. This is new access in exciting, windswept, against the elements world where bravery and technology meet to keep the world’s busiest waterway running.

Strong expert characters fighting to keep the busiest sea lane in the world in business

Exciting, adrenaline-driven stories of life or death operations to clear the waterways against the tide – such as moving 20,000 tons of sinking car transporter with one of the biggest cut and shunt operations ever

A million Chinese contraband Marlboro cigarettes float on the surface of the channel, when a Russian supply ship is stopped after a high speed pursuit by speed boat.

A Japanese registered ship with a Mexican crew and a drunken Italian captain delivering computers from Taiwan – another everyday discovery in this international waterway

A Spotter Plane swoops over ‘zombie’ ships going the wrong way up the channel; ‘Stop and search’ on suspicious craft; breakneck rescues from the air; fires at sea and dangerous night-time operations to tow a huge rudderless barge into dock

– just some stories of Sea Patrol.