Sicily Unpacked is a new kind of travel series with an appetite for the artistic and culinary delights of this unique island.  Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli have both been coming to Sicily separately for years but now they’re teaming up to see if they can get even more from their beloved Sicily.

On a hugely enjoyable, hands-on, informative, and frequently humorous three-part journey around the island, they discover hidden treasures, amazing food, artistic triumphs and natural wonders that have created a unique and fascinating culture.

In the first episode Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli take viewers on a journey into the heart of Sicily and introduce one another to the things they love about this fascinating island.

The second part of the journey through Sicily sees Andrew and Giorgio explore the legacy of Spain’s 500 year occupation of the island and the influence this has had on art and culture.

In the final episode, Andrew and Giorgio take the pulse of contemporary Sicily, experience the change that is sweeping through the island and find out how the future of it is linked to its ancient past.