Twenty of the most gifted youngsters in the UK are battling it out to see who will be crowned Britain’s brightest child in the Child Genius of the Year competition.

Overseen by high IQ society British Mensa, this four-part series follows some exceptional 7-12 year old children and their parents. In this first stage of the competition, they face two gruelling rounds: Advanced Maths – where questions are beyond many an adult’s capability, and Memory Recall, where they have to memorise and then mentally navigate 4 zones of the London Underground map – a staggering 170 stations.

Taking to the podium are 9-year old Aliyah, whose psychologist parents have devised a special training regime to give her optimum brain power, deploying every armament from juicing to alternative therapies; 11-year old Rubaiyat who already has an A* at Maths GCSE  but is hoping the competition will help him add a feather to his cap; and 9-year old Tudor whose parents’ expectations and own perfectionism make him a determined contender.

Will the competition challenge piano prodigy Curtis, who’s already completed the first year of a university degree at just 10, and has been entered by his mother and manager Hayley who hopes to prove that he can shine at any discipline? Or 8-year old Jocelyn, who has one of the highest IQ‘s in the competition, but has never been to school for more than half a day?